The true Origins of Wing Chun (Part 2)

And here it is Part 2 on the origins of Wing Chun.

Part 1 was well received and I am happy about that.

By sharing this video you are helping to preserve a piece of Chinese Culture and art,our beloved Wing Chun system in my opinion its important to realize where we are coming from in order to know where we are going.


An in-depth explanation of Wing Chun’s Basic Stance (Part 2)

And here it is like promised, part 2 of the in-depth explanation of Wing Chun’s basic stance.

Hope that people not only realize that the Goat Clamping explanation came out of confusion in the past but that people will actually start to teach the explanations from the original Kuen Kuits from before the Siu Nim Tau’s 1854 split into three sets.

Like Bruce lee said “Knowing is not enough we must apply“.