Lunch with Sunny So about the History of Wing Chun

Just had lunch with Sifu Sunny So in TST to share my recent findings in my research on Wing Chun’s history.

New strong evidence that I acquired due to the help of a dear friend that I have had contact with for a few years now.

I feel happy to finally have stumbled upon the last missing pieces that I needed to complete the full picture of what happened before the time of Fok Bo Chuen, Leung Jan etc

Important Message from Sifu Sergio


I tried and I am trying to the best of my abilities to bring Wing Chun back to the state it once was in.

Subjects like :
– Internal Power through mastering MIND BODY and ENERGY
– The MIND YI for intention and awareness
– The BODY trough means of Detachment and relaxation by getting rid of all unnecessary tension of the muscles and tendons
– The ENERGY by Controlling the Chi (HEI) Flow to be able to release several ways of Ging

These very important aspects were lost for several reasons around the time of the uprising of Wing Chun in Hong Kong.

I Live in Hong Kong and have lived in mainland China too unlike the so called masters who think they can learn certain lineages which are not being taught by prominent Sifu’s in the west by coming to Hong Kong or mainland China once or twice a year for a 2 week trip. I actually made big sacrifices, from my first trip to Hong Kong in 1994 to eventually moving here to study the lesser known lineages full time sweating and training hard and being rewarded with the building stones that made it possible to Bring IWKA Wing Tjun to the level its at now. It even took the studying of some ancestor lineages of Wing Chun to get to this point and I want all my members and followers to know that I will not rest.

After more then 25 years of Wing Chun I feel I am only scratching the surface of the depth of this wonderful art that has giving me so much.

The depth I am talking about lies not only in the fighting aspects of the art made so famous through the famous Hong Kong era of Wing Chun. I am talking here of the depth of all THREE Treasures of the art The PHILOSOPHY and it’s concepts and principles, its HEALTH system and ability to transform a weak sick man into a healthy vibrant one and the MARTIAL part which when done good is one of the best martial arts systems around.

People judge based on their own knowledge and disprove and dislike something if its not the same as they are doing now. Going with the mindset what he is doing looks different so it must be wrong,the problem here is that they judge by form the first of the 15 wisdoms of the southern Shaolin temple, by thinking that they already know the system by heart and have found the holy grail with their particular Sifu they in fact stopped their progress and development by locking themselves up in a box.

Or many times people tend to run behind the image and system of a world famous icon in the art forgetting that they were also just humans and by following their every step they are forever locked in their shadows. Especially when the famous icon has already passed away By doing that forever stopping themselves at the precise point in time where the master passed away and like that never being able to surpass their beloved Sifu or Sigung in knowledge.

2014 will see the launch of several instructional video clips and dialogues with me where aim not afraid to slaughter some holy cows, Gandhi spoke the wonderful words “even in a minority of one the truth is still the truth”.

Wishing you all a Fantastic 2014 full of Positive Energy for Body and Mind .

Yours in Wing Chun,
Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola