Real Internal Wing Chun

Some People have a hard time believing that there exists something like real internal skill. I was once such a skeptic myself until i got my eyes opened. The main problem is that there are in fact many charlatans out there who ruin it for the people who can really do something.

At my last seminar tour there came many from other associations some even because they wanted too proof that what I was teaching about internal Wing Chun would not work on them. I am happy they came and the result was that the IWKA got a few new members.

What is important for me to say is that its nothing mystical and can be learned by everybody providing that they put in the hours of hard training.

Enjoy the latest video on my YouTube Channel about REAL Internal Wing Chun.

Lunch with Sunny So about the History of Wing Chun

Just had lunch with Sifu Sunny So in TST to share my recent findings in my research on Wing Chun’s history.

New strong evidence that I acquired due to the help of a dear friend that I have had contact with for a few years now.

I feel happy to finally have stumbled upon the last missing pieces that I needed to complete the full picture of what happened before the time of Fok Bo Chuen, Leung Jan etc